1. 5. To be given a yellow card to show a serious foul
  2. 7. A person who watches a game
  3. 10. to challenge a player for the ball
  4. 12. When a team does very well during a season, they’ll play in a higher category next time.
  5. 13. to replace one player with another player; also a player used to replace another
  6. 17. When a team does poorly in a season, they are placed in a lower division.
  7. 18. When the game begins
  8. 22. law requiring at least two defenders to be between an attacker and the goal line when the ball is passed to the attacker
  1. 1. The person who reports every move of the game while it’s happening.
  2. 2. to deliberately fall over when tackled in order to deceive the referee into awarding a free kick
  3. 3. a free kick taken 11m form the goal
  4. 4. When the goalkeeper allows a goal to be scored.
  5. 6. an instance of kicking or heading the ball and scoring
  6. 8. a player whose role is to score goals
  7. 9. The shirt that the player wears. It usually has their name and number on it.
  8. 11. player whose role is to stop the ball from entering the goal
  9. 14. two periods of 15 minutes each played when a game ends in a draw after normal time
  10. 15. means to guard a player and to try and stop them from receiving the ball from their teammate.
  11. 16. the playing field
  12. 19. an illegal action punishable by a free kick
  13. 20. a player whose main role is to prevent the opposition from scoring
  14. 21. to kick or head the ball to another player on one's own team.
  15. 23. finish a game with an even score