1. 2. - when the ball passes the line between the two goal posts and under the crossbar
  2. 4. - when a team receives a goal against them
  3. 6. - when the ball is kicked or headed in the direction of the opponent's goal
  4. 7. card - given to a player who must leave the pitch immediately and cannot play again during the same match
  5. 8. kick - when a player kicks the ball backwards over his own head to try and score a goal
  6. 10. - an action that is not permitted in the game
  7. 12. - their main role is to score goals
  8. 13. - attached to the goal posts and crossbar to make it easier to know when the ball enters the goal
  9. 14. - the total amount of time a team is able to keep the ball
  10. 16. - the area where substitute players wait to enter the game
  11. 18. spot - a white mark in the penalty box from which penalties are taken
  12. 20. kick - given to a player who is fouled by an opponent
  1. 1. - along the longest part of the pitch where the ball must completely cross to be out of play
  2. 3. - when the ball is kicked in the direction of the opponent's goal
  3. 5. - to move the ball along with your feet
  4. 6. - a player that sits on the bench until it is time to replace a player on the field
  5. 7. - the person responsible for making sure all players follow the rules
  6. 9. card - given to a player as punishment for a serious foul in the game
  7. 11. kick - a free kick taken from one of the corners of the pitch
  8. 15. - to get a goal
  9. 17. - to guard an opposing player to try and stop them from receiving the ball from their teammate or make it difficult for them to use the ball
  10. 18. - when a player kicks the ball to another player on their same team
  11. 19. - to challenge an opposing player for the ball