1. 2. I play this sport
  2. 6. when a player fakes out a player to getaway
  3. 7. faster than a jog
  4. 9. when the other team tries to stop the offense
  5. 10. when the team kicks the ball to get three points
  6. 11. when a player hits the ball when the kicker is trying to kick the ball
  7. 12. when a player receives the ball in their hand from a throw
  8. 17. person who either catches of runs the ball
  9. 18. when a player steps back to dodge a defender
  10. 20. where the player kicks the ball throw the goal post to score and extra point
  11. 21. when the defensive player take the person with the ball down
  1. 1. when the quarterback gets sack behind the line of scrimmage
  2. 3. the team that throw and run the ball to try to get in to the endzone
  3. 4. when the offensive player jumps over the player that is trying to tackle he or she
  4. 5. when a player turns in a circular motion to dodge the opposing team
  5. 8. when a player scores 6 points
  6. 13. person who teaches the team and manages them
  7. 14. when the ball leaves a persons hand in forward motion
  8. 15. person who throws the ball or hands it off
  9. 16. where football takes place
  10. 19. where players score a touchdown