football fun facts

  1. 3. how many teams never have won a super bowl
  2. 5. howthrows can cj stroud throw a football in college this would be an NFL record
  3. 10. who was the first passer to reach over 4,000 yards
  4. 12. who has the record for the most games played and how many hint he has nine TDs
  5. 14. the worst super bowl loss in nfl history hint 55 to 10 49ers won who lost
  6. 15. how many pro bowls has tyrod taylor made
  7. 16. witch qb has trone for 100,000 yards there's only one answer
  8. 17. how many teams have won a super bowl
  9. 18. how many rings did the comeback kid win
  10. 19. how many super bowls have there been ever from judy
  1. 1. who is the youngest NFL team right now
  2. 2. what teams do not have a losing records to tom brady
  3. 4. how many rings did maty ice win
  4. 6. who throwe the best sprial in the NFL
  5. 7. who is the only QB to have a better td\int ratio than the goat
  6. 8. how many rings did TB12 win
  7. 9. who thows the fastest football NFL recorded at 60
  8. 11. who is the oldest NFL team
  9. 13. how many teams are there in the nfl
  10. 20. how many rings did the original TB12 win