Football Stories

  1. 4. What sport did Vince Papale play before football?
  2. 7. what member of the Manning family plays for the Texas Longhorns right now?
  3. 8. What kicker had no toes and held a kicking record for 23 years?
  4. 9. Where did Kurt Warner grow up?
  5. 11. what was the Miami Dolphins defense called in their 1972 perfect season?
  6. 13. how many Mannings have made it to the NFL?
  7. 14. what position did John Madden play before he was hurt?
  8. 15. what CFL team did Warren Moon play for?
  9. 16. What sport did JJ Watt play before the NFL?
  10. 18. What was the only team to have a perfect season?
  11. 19. what ex-NFL player has the most popular football video game?
  12. 20. what sport did NFL superstar Jimmy Graham play division one for three years in college?
  1. 1. How many years did JJ Watt play in college before the NFL?
  2. 2. what team did the Saints play after a hurricane?
  3. 3. What was Kurt Warners job before the NFL?
  4. 5. what was the nickname of the club that made the AFL?
  5. 6. who was the coach during the Dolphins 1972 perfect season?
  6. 10. who is the only kicker without toes to make it into the NFL?
  7. 12. What years did the Dolphins have a perfect season?
  8. 17. What did Roger Stauback do before the NFL?