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  1. 5. An extra period of play needed to establish the winner of a game
  2. 7. Name of the defense back who is not called a safety
  3. 9. to beat severely; to thrash; to defeat decisively
  4. 10. A team earns six points upon doing this successfully
  5. 11. the 11 men put on the field to prevent the other team from scoring
  6. 14. The 11 men put on the field to score as much as possible against the other team
  7. 18. Act of coming into opposition or collision as to obstruct someone
  8. 19. To cause or make a break in the community of; to obstruct
  9. 20. To control or rule over; to be the major factor in influence
  10. 24. Name of activity that begins or resumes both the first and second half
  11. 26. Appointed, authorized or approved by an organization
  12. 28. To cut off from an intended destination
  13. 29. The name of the frenzied charge executed by the defensive linemen
  14. 30. A team is awarded two points for accomplishing this unusual feat
  15. 31. To put an end to; to destroy; to finish
  16. 33. First name of the professional football league championship event
  1. 1. To acknowledge {an opponent’s victory, score, etc.} before its official
  2. 2. Process of increasing in size, extent or volume
  3. 3. To get the better of in a struggle or conflict
  4. 4. Causing fear on or apprehension; forceful; powerful
  5. 6. Act of sacrificing the football to the opponent on fourth down
  6. 8. Name of offensive player who can catch the football thrown by the QB
  7. 12. Act of dropping the football after it was in a player’s possession
  8. 13. position on the field of an offensive back inside of the widest end
  9. 15. Acronym for the biggest professional football league
  10. 16. To relinquish possession or control to another on demand or under duress
  11. 17. Act of declaring or telling in advance; foretelling of the future
  12. 18. Taking place between different universities
  13. 21. Someone on the opposite side in a game or controversy
  14. 22. Name of the type of game played between two teams on New Year’s Day
  15. 23. goal a score of three points awarded for successfully making this specialized kick over the cross bar
  16. 25. Desperate or wild with emotion; frenzied
  17. 27. Lack of success; an act or instance that proves to be unsuccessful
  18. 32. A special kind of pass that amasses the interior linemen with fake blocking
  19. 33. Name of the feat accomplished by someone tacking the QB behind the line of scrimmage