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  1. 2. Attacker who plays close on the side
  2. 5. There are two of them in a goal
  3. 7. The only player who is allowed to play the ball with his hands
  4. 12. Famous brazilian fotballer who is considered as maybe the best footballer of all time
  5. 13. The most attacking player
  6. 15. Argentine player who is considered as the best player in the world
  7. 16. Known as the Kuningas _______ in finnish football culture
  8. 17. The amount of minutes in a football match
  9. 19. The situtation where both teams have the same amount of goals
  10. 20. Only finnish football team that has ever played in Europa League
  1. 1. The football team of Baba Rahman
  2. 3. The guy with the whistle
  3. 4. It goes over the goal
  4. 6. The things in the bottom of football shoes
  5. 8. You get a _______ when someone fouls you close enough to the goal
  6. 9. The amount of players in a football team
  7. 10. The colour of the card that sends you off the pitch
  8. 11. You get a _______ when someone fouls you
  9. 14. Famous portugese football player who plays for Real Madrid
  10. 18. The thing players kick