1. 2. how do the players kick the ball to each other
  2. 4. what is another word for field in sport
  3. 6. what does the linesman have in his hand
  4. 8. the players who play in the middle of the pitch.
  5. 9. the short form of the word substitutes
  6. 12. the colour of the card when you get booked
  7. 13. what does the referee blow
  8. 14. another word for strategy in football
  9. 15. the word for when a team lets the other team score
  10. 16. kicking the ball before it bounces
  1. 1. the players who stand in front of a free kick
  2. 3. another word for injury time
  3. 4. the people who talk about the game at half time
  4. 5. how do players get the ball off each other?
  5. 6. when a player does something illegal
  6. 7. the word for a small international football team
  7. 10. the way the players kick the ball to score a goal
  8. 11. when a player is dropped from the team because he is tired