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  1. 3. There are three in each game; They used to include 500 of each material.
  2. 4. The event in season five.
  3. 7. Drop Where you get loot at the end game.
  4. 8. Shotgun There used to be four rarities; Including a purple that was removed.
  5. 9. The event in season four to five.
  6. 10. Divot The place where a large meteorite crashed.
  1. 1. Springs The place that got its name in season 1/2.
  2. 2. The traps that used to be orange.
  3. 5. The Cube The event in season six.
  4. 6. Towers The place where there is a clock tower and apartments.
  5. 7. The upgraded version of a normal AR.