1. 1. conversation between two or more people as a feature of a book, play, or movie.
  2. 4. mark (a word or piece of text) with an asterisk.
  3. 7. take action; do something
  4. 10. the place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place.
  5. 11. a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.
  6. 12. showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
  7. 13. the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.
  8. 14. a situation involving exposure to danger.
  9. 16. bring (something, especially a product, measure, or concept) into use or operation for the first time.
  10. 17. cause (an event or situation) to happen or exist.
  11. 18. a sequence of continuous action in a play, movie, opera, or book.
  1. 2. sentences in a book or poem
  2. 3. feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune.
  3. 5. showing no activity; dull and sluggish.
  4. 6. a person in a novel, play, or movie.
  5. 8. the main events of a play, novel, movie, or similar work, devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence.
  6. 9. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
  7. 10. a group of lines forming the basic recurring metrical unit in a poem; a verse.
  8. 12. a small rocky body orbiting the sun.
  9. 15. succeed in persuading or influencing (someone) to do something.