1. 6. The mode in Fortnite where players team up to survive against waves of enemies
  2. 7. A player who has defeated many opponents in a single game
  3. 8. The blue zone in Fortnite that continuously shrinks, forcing players closer together
  4. 11. Epic's popular battle royale game
  5. 12. The default pickaxe in Fortnite
  6. 15. The location in Fortnite where players initially spawn
  7. 18. A rare item that restores health in Fortnite
  8. 19. A game mode in Fortnite where players compete to be the last one standing
  9. 20. The first season of Fortnite
  1. 1. The in-game currency used to purchase cosmetic items
  2. 2. The area outside of the playable map in Fortnite
  3. 3. A rare cosmetic item in Fortnite, often awarded for completing challenges
  4. 4. A type of weapon commonly found in Fortnite, abbreviated as "AR"
  5. 5. A weapon in Fortnite that fires rockets
  6. 9. The in-game event that occurs periodically, changing the map and introducing new
  7. 10. The rarest type of loot in Fortnite, often found in supply drops
  8. 13. A popular Fortnite dance move
  9. 14. A structure built by players for defense or navigation
  10. 16. Popular landing spots on the Fortnite map
  11. 17. The building material in Fortnite made from wood