1. 3. A powerful healing item in fortnite that restores health and shield
  2. 4. a mysterious tear in the fabric of the reality that players can use to teleport
  3. 6. Items that players use to glide from the battle bus to the ground at the start of a match
  4. 10. Music underwater anthem in fornite
  5. 12. A popular online multiplayer game developed by Epic Games
  6. 14. Game mechanic in Fortnite where players outside the safe zone take damage over time
  7. 15. The main game mode in Fortnite
  8. 16. a device used to protect players from the storm in the games's save the world mode
  9. 17. A dance of gesture that players can perform in the game
  10. 18. Cosmetic outfits for players' characters
  1. 1. Achievement in Fortnite for acquiring a complete set of armor or equipment
  2. 2. Items and weapons that players can find and collect in the game
  3. 5. A beloved fish-themed skin in fortnite
  4. 7. The ultimate goal in fortnite achieved by being the last player or team standing
  5. 8. Building term in fortnite for completely enclosing a structure
  6. 9. A create that contains valuable loot dropped from the sky
  7. 11. The in-game currency used to purchase cosmetic items
  8. 13. a popular landing spot on the fortnite map known for its high loot potential and intense battles