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  1. 2. The streamer who creates the coolest streams
  2. 4. Something which is the most toxic thing to do to someone
  3. 8. The first name of a man whose twitter has many leaks
  4. 9. The fortnite skin which is the least sweaty
  5. 11. A brand which makes the best gaming mouses
  6. 13. A fortnite streamer who got very weird
  1. 1. A word which Axel uses a lot while playing fortnite
  2. 3. A fortnite skin which is most sweaty of all
  3. 5. The best platform which you can play fortnite on
  4. 6. The fortnite player whose locker is op
  5. 7. A person who keeps the game fun
  6. 10. A fortnite clickbaiter, that no one likes
  7. 11. Things which every fortnite player wants a lot of
  8. 12. The worst game type