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French Art

  1. 2. One of the most famous French art museums:
  2. 4. A French performing art form that originally involved animals and large tents
  3. 9. A 19th century all-female French dance:
  4. 10. A type of theatre involving the use of puppets:
  5. 11. An internationally-known French band known for their dance-club beats
  6. 12. A romantic French ballad:
  7. 13. A visual illusion that often plays a trick on the eye in graphic arts:
  8. 14. How scenery and stage decorations are arranged:
  9. 16. One of two popular aspects of French contemporary art:
  10. 18. A popular contemporary form of art (despite being illegal):
  11. 20. A type of classic French singing that is present in the visual/performing hearts all throughout history:
  12. 21. A 20th century art form that dealt with motion, fragmentation of objects, and used collages as an artistic technique for the first time:
  13. 22. A famous Post-Impressionist painter known for his time spent in Arles and Saint-Remy, where he painted his most famous works:
  14. 23. A universally-known, incredibly influential Spanish artist who spent most of his life in France:
  15. 25. Current art styles/practices are called:
  16. 27. A 20th century anti-art art form:
  17. 28. A type of art completed while outside:
  1. 1. A prestigious fine arts academy in Paris:
  2. 3. A Parisian institution that is devoted to the innovation of music:
  3. 5. French art is known for paving the path for other artists; therefore it is considered:
  4. 6. An art movement that began in the late 1800s, created by French artists interested in the impressions light had on the world around them:
  5. 7. The institution responsible for organizing tours and supporting theatre artists:
  6. 8. A type of French street entertainment that Americans usually participate in for holidays:
  7. 10. The city where major art exhibits are held:
  8. 15. A museum with over 100,000 works that is known for holding art from the 20th and 21st centuries:
  9. 17. Ideas and people ahead of their time:
  10. 19. One of two popular aspects of French contemporary art:
  11. 20. The name for an artist’s entire body of art:
  12. 24. A famous French impressionist known for his water lilies:
  13. 26. The most famous classical dance style in France: