1. 4. one person has to find the other persons and say "boat boat .....".
  2. 5. try to escape from the person pillaging, say stop and you can not catch you and to play again some partner must pass under your legs.
  3. 8. if the catcher catches one person they have to catch together.
  4. 11. we throw a dice and we move the file. If we fall in a goose we have to say "goose in goose and shot because I have".
  5. 12. they say words and we have to find in a soup.
  6. 15. we say numbers and when we have all we have to say "BINGO".
  7. 16. a person's blindfolded and has to try to find other unseeing.
  8. 17. is a game of water thet consists of a person that has to catch the other players but it can't go outside the water, and the other players can only stay outside of then water for 15 seconds.
  9. 19. one person catch out to the oder persons and the other persons have to hide. then the first person that he catch is the new catcher at the next departure.
  10. 20. one person hides and the others have to find. The first person who finds it will hide.
  1. 1. two persons move the camber and the others jump.
  2. 2. when the music finish we don't have to move.
  3. 3. one person catch out in the water and the other persons have to run. This person has to close the eyes and say "Marco" and then the other persons say "Polo".the first person that catch is the new Marco.
  4. 6. consists in make a circle and put a bottle in the middle. We turn the bottle and the two people pointing have to make a kiss or whatever.
  5. 7. one person catch out the others with no salvens. The first person to be caught stop at the next departure.
  6. 9. if players want to go to the other side of the line have to say "hairy spider can we pass?", if the spider says "yes" they have to try reach the other side without being caught.
  7. 10. the cops have to catche the robbers and when they finish the robbers became cops.
  8. 13. also known as a German. It is a football game in which a goal, a balloon, a goalie and 2 or more players is needed.
  9. 14. one person have the ball and have to kill the others.
  10. 18. we put some bags on our feet and the first to reach the finish line wins.