1. 2. Praying during different times of the day is referred to in this way in the second pillar of Islam
  2. 6. People who chose to convert to Islam once their land was conquered by them
  3. 7. People who do not have a fixed home of town but move from place to place and live in tents
  4. 12. Being able to marry more than one wife at the same time
  5. 13. A large continent where Islam is the major religion in its North
  6. 14. A pillar of faith proclaiming 'There is one God and Muhammad is his prophet'
  7. 15. We replaced these from Roman to the Arab-Hindu system as still use them every day
  8. 17. Part of the mosque structure from where prayer is called
  9. 19. The person who leads prayer in a mosque
  10. 20. This is how we refer to Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Medina
  11. 21. The number of pillars in Islam
  12. 22. A type of fruit introduced to our islands by the Arabs
  13. 24. Along with Mecca, another important city for Islam
  1. 1. This is what one must do while observing the fourth pillar of Islam
  2. 2. The Arabs spent 750 years in this European country
  3. 3. The Mount where revelations from God were delivered to Muhammad
  4. 4. Mohammed's successor
  5. 5. Prayer time sometime in the afternoon before sunset
  6. 8. An arch inside the mosque indicating the direction towards Mecca
  7. 9. Giving a fixed portion of your wages to the less fortunate is what this pillar of Islamic faith is about
  8. 10. The Maltese were ruled by them before the islands fell to the Arabs
  9. 11. The person appointed by the Arabs to govern the islands after their arrival was referred to as-?
  10. 13. An important prophet respected by all three major faiths: Jewish, Christian and Muslim
  11. 16. This is directed towards Mecca
  12. 18. The most important period of reflection and celebration in the Islamic Calendar
  13. 23. Head of angels and the one who delivered to Muhammad the revelations from God at the start of Islam