1. 3. what is the type of game where you have a large map to explore while also completing your quests
  2. 7. the major reason for violence by people that play online games
  3. 10. what is the gaming term for making a game character weaker?
  4. 11. what does the term KS stand for?
  5. 12. the term used for a new and unskilled player
  6. 13. two words that the term GG stands for
  7. 14. the game mode involving shooting stuff with the camera positioned behind the character’s shoulders
  8. 16. what does the term BG stand for?
  9. 17. for computer games, most sites require that you have a.....
  10. 18. what is the term for making a game charater stronger?
  11. 21. what is the word "demo" short for?
  12. 26. characters that are labeled as an NPC
  13. 30. what is someone who is bad as a game also known as?
  14. 31. what does the acronym PvP stand for?
  15. 32. when a game character dies, they don't stay dead they...
  16. 33. what is a shorter way to write Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
  17. 37. when a player quits a game due to poor anger management
  18. 39. A game genre in which towers and obstacles are placed in certain areas to fight incoming waves of enemies to prevent them from reaching a goal
  19. 40. another way to saw win
  1. 1. the screen that you stare at while waiting for your game to load
  2. 2. what does AFK stand for?
  3. 4. what most gamers do not get
  4. 5. the famous Italian plummer that wears red
  5. 6. what does it mean when a game character is OP?
  6. 8. what does the term DLC mean?
  7. 9. the game mode where you play alone
  8. 15. what is a six letter word that also stands for loss
  9. 19. what does PS4 stand for?
  10. 20. Gaming system with the X as their symbol
  11. 22. another word for a gamers name in a game
  12. 23. the game mode that involves shooting with the camera looking through the characters eyes
  13. 24. what game character has the initials DK
  14. 25. what most video game players are not
  15. 27. characters that are labeled as PC characters
  16. 28. the most powerful enemy you play is called the...
  17. 29. what gaming object allows you to control characters in a game?
  18. 34. what corporation made the Nintendo 64
  19. 35. The red Italian plummer's brother that wears green
  20. 36. how do game systems start
  21. 38. who is the most famous video game princess who always needs to be saved?