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Gaming Industry Crossword: Fortnite

  1. 1. The in-app currency used in Fortnite
  2. 4. The type of 'pass' players can get in a season to unlock exclusive content
  3. 6. The term used to describe the device that a game is played on (clue: iOS, Android, PS4, etc)
  4. 7. Celebrity _____________: The term used to describe how Epic Games used Drake and other famous people to promote their product
  5. 9. The abbreviation for the funding model for Fortnite (i.e. how Epic Games make a profit)
  6. 10. One of the franchises that Fortnite collaborated with to appeal to teenagers
  1. 2. Video ____________ Council: The 'S' in the title of the UK games regulator
  2. 3. The term used to describe a free game that has content players can pay for at a premium
  3. 5. The name of the video streaming service used to broadcast game sloggers
  4. 6. The name of the banana skin available as extra DLC in Fortnite
  5. 8. ___________ Engine: The name of the programme that helps game developers create content