1. 2. This is believed to be the only dish that can satiate Ganesha’s appetite
  2. 3. This sage dictated an epic to Ganesha
  3. 5. The weapon used to cut off Ganesha’s original head
  4. 7. He named Ganesha Vighneshwara, the remover of obstacles
  5. 8. According to some legends, the gaze of this celestial being caused Ganesha’s head to fall off in infanthood
  6. 9. This is the demon that was defeated by Ganesha and later became his vahan
  7. 10. Ganesha defeated this deity in a bet about who could circumambulate the world fastest
  1. 1. According to some myths, Ganesha’s elephant head originally belonged to this entity
  2. 4. This avatar of Ganesha sits on the Sheshnag
  3. 6. Some myths state that Ganesh’s tusk was broken with an axe thrown by this sage