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GCSE PE key terms

  1. 4. the soft tissue connecting bones together
  2. 7. type of joint found in the knee and elbow
  3. 9. longest bone in the human body
  4. 12. the widening of a blood vessel to increase blood flow to muscles during exercise
  5. 14. another name for a joint in the skeleton
  6. 18. pain in the muscles for 2-3 days after very intense exercise
  7. 19. pathway the distance molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide travel in gaseous exchange
  8. 21. the combination of oxygen and haemoglobin
  9. 23. the process of muscle fibres becoming thicker and stronger
  10. 24. higher breathing rate after anaerobic exercise to repay oxygen deficit
  11. 25. acid formed during intensive exercise lasting more than 10 seconds
  1. 1. tiredness after intensive exercise
  2. 2. the name given to a low resting heart rate; heart rate less than 60 bpm
  3. 3. cava the largest vein in the body
  4. 5. large muscles found in the buttocks
  5. 6. also known as inhalation
  6. 8. muscle in the neck which helps to expand the chest further during intensive respiration
  7. 10. volume; the amount of air which always stays in the lungs even after the largest exhalation possible
  8. 11. artery; carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs
  9. 13. muscle which relaxes to allow movement to take place
  10. 15. the movement of a limb away from the midline of the body
  11. 16. fluid found in joints to lubricate them
  12. 17. the pressure of blood as the heart contracts and ejects it
  13. 20. the nature of blood with low oxygen concentration
  14. 22. exercise lasting more than 3 minutes; using oxygen for energy