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General knowledge

  1. 5. I have branches but no fruit, trunk or leaves what am I?
  2. 6. the headquarters of tata group is located in which state of India?
  3. 7. who was the captain of the wining team in Ipl?
  4. 8. name the celebrity who endorses advertising for hyundai, pepsi and Nokia?
  5. 11. what goes up and down but doesn't move?
  6. 12. which books of accounts is known as principal books of accounts?
  7. 14. in which field is Dr Amartya sen is famous for?
  8. 15. who is the current ceo of infosys?
  9. 16. name the person who defined "process costing is a method of costing used to ascertain the cost of product at each process,operation or stage of manufacture" ?
  10. 17. the subject that concerns the collection organisation analyses and interpretation of data?
  1. 1. which invention let's you look right through a wall?
  2. 2. which state is having largest area of forest cover in India?
  3. 3. which is the certification that indicates a guarantee of quality for agricultural food products like ghee, honey etc?
  4. 4. which books of accounts records transactions in chronological order?
  5. 9. which state produces largest amount of tea in India?
  6. 10. two or more persons joined together in order to start a business
  7. 13. a book or a set of books giving information on many aspects of one subject and typically arranged alphabetically?
  8. 18. total number of digits in a pan card?