general knowledge

  1. 1. How many legs does a spider have
  2. 4. What was the name of the flag flown by pirates
  3. 5. What name is given to a female pig
  4. 6. What was the name of the bear in TV's "Rainbow
  5. 9. In which forest was the outlaw Robin Hood said to live
  6. 14. How many stars feature on the flag of the USA
  7. 17. In the Thomas the Tank Engine stories, what colour is Thomas
  8. 18. animal is said to be "Man's best friend
  9. 19. In which English county would you find the seaside resort of Skegness
  10. 20. Which planet is closest to the sun
  11. 23. Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a bull
  12. 24. How many degrees make up a right angle
  13. 25. Which group had a hit in the 1970s with "Tiger Feet
  14. 28. What single gave Elton John his first UK solo number one hit?
  15. 29. What spirit is used to make the "Screwdriver" cocktail
  16. 32. How many player make up an Association Football team?
  17. 33. What colour is an emerald
  18. 35. How many calories are there in a pint of water?
  19. 36. Who was the last British Prime Minister of the 1960s?
  1. 2. What was the name of rocker Bill Haley's backing band
  2. 3. What name is given to the person who directs an orchestra using a baton?
  3. 7. What is the longest running programme on Channel 4?
  4. 8. What name is given to the first day of Lent?
  5. 10. In which month is Halloween celebrated
  6. 11. In legend, which castle was the home of King Arthur
  7. 12. What type of nuts are used to make marzipan?
  8. 13. What colour is the centre of an archery target?
  9. 15. Which animated movie features the song "Bright Eyes"
  10. 16. Which pantomime features The Ugly Sisters?
  11. 21. What is the capital of Wales
  12. 22. In snooker, which ball has a value of three points
  13. 23. Teddington Lock is on which UK river
  14. 25. Which author created Frankenstein
  15. 26. How many sides does a 20p coin have?
  16. 27. Which famous bear was created by Michael Bond
  17. 30. What joint connects the foot to the leg
  18. 31. Which part of the body is affected by conjunctivitis?
  19. 34. Which alcoholic drink is traditionally drunk with Stilton cheese
  20. 37. What is the male equivalent of a Duchess