General Knowledge

  1. 4. (book) What do you use to catch a fish?
  2. 6. (computer) What sort of film is wreck it ralph?
  3. 8. (computer) What do you use to open a door?
  4. 10. (book) What is the capital of America?
  5. 13. (book) what are the colour of cloud berries (in the cookbook of ingredients)
  6. 14. (book) What is the name of made up story?
  7. 16. (computer) What do you use to stick something down?
  8. 18. (book) What is the colour of a basketball?
  9. 20. (book) How many rings were there in the Olympic rings?
  10. 21. (book) on page 190 of the history year by year book what's the name of the scary mask?
  11. 22. (computer)What was the name of the horse in war horse?
  12. 23. (book) What's the name of the grassy book?
  13. 26. (computer) What did Usian Bolt win at the Olympics 2012?
  14. 27. (book) What is it called when there is lots of smoke in the sky?
  15. 29. (computer) What does the Doctor ride in, in Doctor Who?
  1. 1. (book) How many days are there in December?
  2. 2. (computer) What sort of fish is eaten with chips?
  3. 3. (book) When did WW1 start?
  4. 5. (computer) What is bigger than a car but smaller than a lorry?
  5. 7. (computer) What sort of eyes are on the road?
  6. 9. (computer) In the song 'The 12 days of Christmas' what are the 6 geese-a-doing?
  7. 11. (book) What is the most important rule in netball?
  8. 12. (computer) What is the name of the main character in the Hunger Games?
  9. 15. (computer) What is four times five?
  10. 17. (book)What do cows produce?
  11. 19. (book)What is the name of William and Kate's son?
  12. 24. (computer)Whose sport is rugby?
  13. 25. (computer) Keep calm and 'what' on?
  14. 28. (computer)What comes through your door and has a stamp?
  15. 30. (book) What is mans best friend?