General Knowledge

  1. 2. An instrument beginning with 'T' used in stargazing
  2. 4. Sexual attraction to corpses
  3. 6. A disk used like a ball in ice hockey
  4. 8. A malevolent spiritual entity which is able to possess people
  5. 12. Beginning with 'P', a set of wires located above electrified train tracks
  6. 15. A weapon beginning with 'C' that was used in an on-screen massacre in a well-known US state
  7. 17. Colloquial name beginning with 'G' given to a species of brown bear
  8. 18. A Spanish speaking island nation located south of the USA
  9. 20. Beginning with 'A', a country south of Russia, formerly part of the USSR
  10. 21. The former name of the country currently known as Zimbabwe
  11. 24. The central governing body of the Catholic Church
  12. 26. Mozart's middle name
  1. 1. A percussion instrument beginning with 'G', similar to the xylophone
  2. 3. An eight-legged creature with claws at the front and a stinger on its tail
  3. 5. A distilled alcoholic beverage originating in Eastern European countries
  4. 7. Beginning with 'C', the name belonging to a special bread that Jewish people eat on their Sabbath day
  5. 9. A now defunct musical instrument comopany, famously known for their range of organs
  6. 10. A 17.5% discount given to people with certain benefits
  7. 11. A Scottish dish beginning with 'H' containing sheep's pluck (heart, liver and lungs)
  8. 13. Beginning with 'P', the proper name given to the machine known as the 'lie detector'
  9. 14. People paid to take photographs of celebrities doing their usual everyday routine
  10. 16. The explosion of a star in space beginning with 'S'
  11. 19. Another name for fundamentalist beginning with 'F'
  12. 22. The gravitationally curved path of an object around a point in space, e.g. Earth around the Sun
  13. 23. A marine creature responsible for the death of Steve Irwin
  14. 25. The Greek god of thunder