General Knowledge

  1. 7. Admiral in charge of Japanase fleet during attack on Pearl Harbor
  2. 8. addition to Italy which other European country was allied with Japan.
  3. 9. of U.S. President at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor
  4. 10. country that successfully attacked and sank three Italian ships using torpedoes
  5. 12. three word phrase to be used by Japanese pilots if their effort of suprise was achieved during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  6. 16. commodity that the U.S. withheld from Japan in an attempt to pressure Japan into ceasing hostile action in China
  7. 17. month in 1941 that Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan.
  8. 19. month in 1941 the Commander in Chief of the Japanese Naval forces began to plan the attack on Pearl Harbor
  9. 20. of General in Charge of the Army stationed at Pearl Harbor
  1. 1. type of U.S. vessel not present at Pearl Harbor during its attack
  2. 2. Admiral in charge of American fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor during it's attack
  3. 3. number of carriers used to attack Pearl Harbor
  4. 4. plan developed to be used in a war against Japan
  5. 5. type of vessel attempted to be used by the Japanese to aid in their attack on Pearl Harbor that proved ineffective
  6. 6. short name of the type of plane used to attack Pearl Harbor
  7. 11. month in 1941 the U.S. calculated they would be attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor
  8. 13. type of equipment installed at Pearl Harbor to detect incoming planes
  9. 14. type of weapon/munition used to attack the ships at Pearl Harbor
  10. 15. reason the US felt safe from torpedoes being used by planes at Pearl Harbor
  11. 18. name of the head of the military led government in November 1941.