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Geometric Shapes

  1. 3. A shape that has four sides and four angles.
  2. 5. A three-dimensional shape with a polygon as a base and other faces that are triangles.
  3. 6. Four equal parts.
  4. 10. Two-dimensional shape that has two pairs of sides that are the same length and are equal distance apart.
  5. 12. A three-dimensional shape with six square faces.
  6. 13. The flat part of a three-dimensional shape.
  7. 14. A three-dimensional shape that narrows to a point from a circular face
  8. 15. A three-dimensional shape that is shaped like a can.
  1. 1. A three-dimensional shape that has the shape of a round ball.
  2. 2. A polygon with five sides.
  3. 4. Three equal parts.
  4. 7. A two-dimensional shape with four sides and only two opposite sides that are parallel.
  5. 8. A two-dimensional shape that has six side.
  6. 9. Two equal parts.
  7. 11. Where two sides on a two-dimensional shape meet.