1. 8. An arc whose endpoints lie on the endpoints of the diameter, | The measure of this arc is 180 degrees.
  2. 10. Argument using logic to prove conclusion as true | 'Given' is a word commonly used for this.
  3. 11. The distance along a circular arc measured in linear units. | This is found by the formula named after this concept.
  4. 14. Nonadjacent angle formed by two intersecting lines | This is called a kissing angle, too.
  5. 16. This is formed by swapping the hypothesis and conclusion. | The opposite of something.
  6. 18. Lines that do not intersect | Segment R is congruent to segment S.
  7. 20. Its endpoints are on a circle and at its center at the halfway point. | This is half of the diameter.
  8. 22. Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees. | 45 and 45 are _____________ ______.
  9. 25. Segment whose endpoints lie on a circle | Makes up the inscribed angle.
  10. 27. Changes position of figure but not other properties. | Translations are this.
  11. 29. A triangle in which has two equal sides. | Is almost like an equilateral triangle, but not quite.
  12. 30. An angle whose vertex is on a circle | Angle whose sides contain chords of the circle.
  1. 1. An angle formed by one side of a polygon and the extension of an adjacent side. | Is complimentary with adjacent angle.
  2. 2. Motions, Size or shape changes as it moves position. | Dilation is this type of motion.
  3. 3. An angle of a triangle that is formed by the legs of a triangle. | This is the angle between the two other angles of a triangle.
  4. 4. A triangle whose sides are all equal. | Is almost like an isosceles triangle but one thing about this shape differs.
  5. 5. Sentence made based upon a figure | D is the midpoint of segment BC.
  6. 6. Two angles whose sum is 180 degrees. | 60 and 120 are _____________ ______.
  7. 7. An angle formed by two sides that share a common vertex. | Any of the angles of a triangle can be this.
  8. 9. An arc whose points are on or in the interior of a corresponding interior angle. | The measure of this arc is equal to the measure of the central angle.
  9. 12. Maps points onto other points of a plane | Rigid and non-rigid motions are this.
  10. 13. This supports and proves statements. | An example of this is, 'Definition of midpoint.'
  11. 15. Its endpoints lie on the circle at the halfway point. | This is twice the radius.
  12. 17. A triangle that has three congruent angles. | The angles of this triangle are all 60*
  13. 19. An arc whose endpoints are on the exterior of a corresponding central angle. | The measure of this arc is equal to 360 degrees minus the central angle.
  14. 21. Statement that is being proved is assumed to be false | This is not true because _____.
  15. 23. A line that intersects a circle at exactly one point. | The point of tangency is where this and a circle intersect.
  16. 24. An angle less than 180 degrees. | This angle's vertex lies at the center of a circle.
  17. 26. Having the same size and shape. | Can be used to define two different line segments.
  18. 28. This has two points that lie on a circle with all points in between. | The unbroken part of a circle.