1. 2. Lines that are always the same distance apart, they never intersect
  2. 4. A triangle whose all three sides are different, the sum of all the angles is always 180 degrees
  3. 7. A type of triangle that has one of its angles equl to 90 degrees, the other angles sum up to 90 degrees
  4. 9. A triangle that has all the sides equal, this triangle is simetric
  5. 10. A line with just one endpoint, it extends infinitely in one side of it
  6. 11. Lines that intersect, when they intersect they need to be 90 degrees
  7. 14. Two equal angles, they measure exactly the same
  8. 16. Angle that is equal to 180 degrees, it appears as a straight line
  9. 18. Angle formed when two lines meet each other at a point
  10. 19. Fragment of a line, it has two end points in each side of the fragment
  11. 20. Angles that measure less than 90 degrees,they are smaller than right angles
  12. 21. Angle that share a common vertex and a common side, they donĀ“t overlap
  1. 1. Angle formed when the sum of two angles add up to 90 degrees, they need to be consecutive
  2. 3. Segments that have the same length, the midpoint of a segment is the one that divides them
  3. 5. Angles that measure exactly 90 degrees, you can find them anywhere
  4. 6. Formed when two straight lines or rays meet, it has a common point of contact
  5. 8. Angle formed when the sum of two angles add up to 180 degrees, they need to be consecutive
  6. 12. A triangle that has two equal sides, the two sides have the same lenghts
  7. 13. Angles that measure more than 90 degrees, they are bigger than a right angle
  8. 15. A straight one-dimensional figure, extends endlessly in both directions
  9. 17. A type of triangle that has all the angles acute, the three angles measure less than 90 degrees