1. 4. 4 sided polygon
  2. 5. two straight lines that never touch
  3. 6. a transversal is a line that passes through two lines in the same plane at different points
  4. 7. parallel sides are equal
  5. 9. If two pairs of sides of two triangles are equal in length, and the included angles are equal
  6. 12. a special kind of point that describes the corners or intersections of geometric shapes
  7. 14. 2 parallel lines
  8. 16. a midline of a triangle creates a segment that is parallel to the base and half as long.
  9. 17. A quadrilateral with two distinct pairs of equal adjacent sides
  10. 18. If three pairs of sides of two triangles are equal in length, then the triangles are congruent
  11. 20. a set of objects if the distances between that point and each object in the set are equal
  1. 1. a line segment connecting two non-adjacent vertices of a polygon
  2. 2. quadrilateral w/ only 1 pair of parallel lines
  3. 3. pairs of angles that add up to 180 degrees
  4. 8. two congruent angles, both lying on the same side of the transversal
  5. 10. the segment connecting the vertex of an angle in a triangle to the midpoint of the side opposite it
  6. 11. relationship between two geometric objects that meet at a right angle
  7. 13. a quadrilateral in which each diagonal bisects two opposite interior angles
  8. 15. two figures or objects that have the same shape and size
  9. 19. Quadrilateral w/ 4 equal sides