1. 1. parallelogram with four congruent sides
  2. 5. when the hypothesis and the conclusion is switched
  3. 10. the side opposite the right angle in right triangle
  4. 12. a statement that follows immediately from a theorem
  5. 13. quadrilateral with two pairs of adjacent sides congruent and no opposite sided congruent
  6. 16. a line that intersects two coplanar lines at two distinct points
  7. 17. lines two lines that intersect to form right angles
  8. 18. a line that intersects a circle at two points
  9. 19. the space that a figure occupies
  10. 20. when three or more lines intersect in one point
  11. 21. a transformation whose preimage and image are similiar
  1. 2. a segment connecting the midpoints of two sides
  2. 3. two figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size
  3. 4. a statement that two ratios are equal
  4. 6. angle an angle whose vertex is the center of the circle
  5. 7. the distance around a circle
  6. 8. formed by two rays with the same endpoint
  7. 9. a segment whose endpoints are on a circle
  8. 11. all sides congruent
  9. 14. another name for an if-then statement
  10. 15. an isometry in which a figure and its image have opposite orientations
  11. 17. a three-dimensional figure whose surface are polygons