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  1. 4. Has a pair of parallel sides. a four sided shape with a pair of opposite parallel sides.
  2. 5. pairs of opposite angles made by two intersecting lines.They are always equal.
  3. 8. Two angles whose sum is 180 degrees. Must equal to 180.
  4. 11. with 7 sides. Also, is called a septagon.
  5. 13. Two angles that have a common side. And and a common vertex and don't overlap
  6. 14. An angles that is exactly 180 degrees. An angles whose side lie in opposite directions from the vertex.
  7. 18. Shapes with 8 sides. A flat shape with straight lines.
  8. 19. A shape with 3 sides.A polygon with three edges and three vertices.
  9. 20. Shapes with 6 sides. A flat shape with straight lines.
  1. 1. A corner point.The common endpoint of two or more line segments.
  2. 2. Shapes with 4 sides. A flat shape.
  3. 3. Shapes with 9 sides. A flat shape with straight lines.
  4. 6. An angle that is more than 90 degrees. But less than 180 degrees.
  5. 7. Shapes with 5 sides.A flat shapes with straight lines.
  6. 9. Angles is formed when two lines intersect.Two angles are said to be linear if they are adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines.
  7. 10. Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees. Add up to 90.
  8. 12. When you cover a surface with a pattern with flat shapes so there are no gaps of overlaps. An arrangement of shapes closely fitted together.
  9. 15. An angles that is exactly 90 degrees. Formed by two sides that are perpendicular.
  10. 16. plane shape with straight lines. It can be a triangle, rectangles or an pentagon..
  11. 17. An angles that is less than 90 degrees But more than than zero degrees