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G&H Crossword

  1. 5. a person can be contagious for up to ____ days before presenting any symptoms of the Coronavirus
  2. 9. if something were to happen to both the President and Vice President, the ______ would take office
  3. 11. Mr. St-Cyr wrote that he preferred this over creativity
  4. 13. the wind spirit from Forzen 2
  5. 16. Ms. Oddy Shandel's favourite novel (2)
  6. 17. the one driving the car in "Forgetting to Remember" by Amara Camacho
  7. 18. A organization that offers educational supplements for free to all people (2)
  8. 19. ______ is not a spectator sport
  9. 20. the part in your brain that triggers fear
  10. 22. Asha Mior is a large fan of this movie
  11. 23. thirty Angels boarded a plane and set off on their journey to attend PACMUN on this island
  12. 24. a shape-shifting water spirit from Frozen 2
  1. 1. You could take a photo with this artist at the LFA Art Show!
  2. 2. LFA's Art Show featured a massive canvas filled with multi-coloured ______ flying in the painted sky
  3. 3. Ms. Paxton used to own her own business in this city
  4. 4. President Trump refused to shake the hand of House Speaker______
  5. 6. Speaker Pelosi is a representative for the this Party
  6. 7. the Coronavirus can impact the government, the _____ and international trade (2)
  7. 8. the Coronavirus can travel up to _____ meters away from the infected person
  8. 10. The keynote speaker for VMUN 2020 (3)
  9. 12. The recommended time management app from the study tips article!
  10. 14. Ms. Paxton's grandpa's signature dessert (2)
  11. 15. Ms. Oddy Shandel's favourite place she has visited
  12. 19. Ms. Oddy Shandel is the teacher sponsor for this club
  13. 21. One of our Angels' last event before the conference was attending this at Diamond Head