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Glossary - The Determinants of Health

  1. 3. The way a person views something or tends to behave towards it
  2. 5. refers to an environment that has buildings and spaces that are constructed within communities
  3. 6. Occurs when someone is denied resources, rights and services and is unable to participate in normal relationships and activities that are available to the majority of people in society
  4. 9. Approach to health promotion that involves establishing programs, policies and services that create environments that support health
  5. 10. Areas having a population of less than 5000
  6. 14. Relate to a person's level of income, education and employment
  7. 18. A value that favours the reduction or elimination of inequality, the promotion of inclusiveness of diversity and the establishment of environments that are supportive of all people
  8. 20. The individual, socioeconomic, sociocultural and environmental factors that can have a positive or negative influence on the health of individuals or populations
  9. 23. The unequal distribution of illness or conditions throughout the population
  10. 24. Health behaviours that are likely to enhance a person's level of health
  1. 1. Activities aimed at enabling people to increase control over their health, to improve their health and prevent illness
  2. 2. The decline in the ozone layer present in the atmosphere that shields the Earth from harmful levels of ultraviolet radiation
  3. 4. Characteristics, features or hereditary diseases that are genetically linked and are passed on within a family
  4. 6. Relate to the society in which people live and the cultural practices and expectations that exist within these communities
  5. 7. Describe the behaviours, beliefs and values that are expected or seen as acceptable within different social groups
  6. 8. The ability to understand and interpret health information and use it to promote and maintain good health
  7. 11. Health behaviours that have been found to contribute to the development of health problems or poorer levels of health
  8. 12. Individuals are aware of the choices they have and can make, without relying on others or others making decisions for them and they can act in various situations in life to protect and promote their health
  9. 13. Things present in the environment in which people live and work that can affect their health in a positive or negative way
  10. 15. Areas defined as having populations between 5000 and 99000
  11. 16. Health determinants that cannot be changed or altered
  12. 17. Work that a person is involved in and is payed to do
  13. 19. Australia's government-funded health scheme that subsidises the cost of medical services for all AUstralians an aims to ensure medical care affordable
  14. 21. Belif in the ability to be able to carry out a particular task
  15. 22. Health determinants that can be changed, controlled or altered to influence a level of health
  16. 25. The knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process
  17. 26. The amount of money earned through service or labour over a period of time that is regulated into lifestyle