Grade 4 crossword

  1. 1. Saint Francis of Assisi thought Jesus meant the chapel where I was praying, so I started carrying huge _________to fix the walls of the church that were falling down.
  2. 4. Saint Francisco could not hear her speak, but she told his cousin, Lucia, and sister, Jacinta, that he must pray many rosaries before he could enter ________________.
  3. 6. Saint Lazarus was a good _____________of Jesus when He was living on earth.
  4. 8. Saint Luke wrote the gospel about the______________ of when Jesus was on earth and His promise to save all people
  1. 2. Saint Joan of Arc received a very special gift from God.He could hear the _____________-talking to him while he was still on earth!
  2. 3. Blessed Father Solanus Casey _____________ start the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit during the Great Depression.
  3. 5. When Saint Padre Pio was a young boy, he could see guardian_________________.
  4. 7. Saint George was used by God to show the people that _____________is stronger than God.