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  1. 3. ..... verbs are used in the continuous
  2. 5. a notional part of speech which may express an action, a state, a condition and motion, syntactic function – predicate
  3. 8. Verbs that help to build the forms of other verbs
  4. 10. … is a word or phrase which is used before a noun to indicate the amount or quantity: 'Some', 'many', 'a lot of' and 'a few'
  5. 14. Can the future indefinite be used in subordinate adverbial clauses of time and condition?
  6. 15. Speech that consists of a reporting clause and a that-clause
  7. 16. The clause that acts as the object of the verb
  8. 18. The ...... present perfect takes place within a period of time before and including the moment of speaking, so it is relevant to the moment of speaking through its effect or virtually through its continuation at the moment of speaking
  9. 19. … form is used to express the validity or truth of a basic assertion, while a negative form expresses its falsity
  10. 24. .... verbs are not used in the continuous
  11. 25. The ..... present perfect continuous up to the moment of speaking and the moment of speaking is excluded
  12. 26. verbs require some object to complete its meaning
  13. 28. The action in subordinate clause that happens at the same time with principal clause
  14. 29. A word that introduces a noun
  1. 1. Stative verbs can be used in the continuous form if they have … meaning
  2. 2. The Present Tense that is used to express declarations and announcements
  3. 4. The phrasal verb can be a verb of beginning, duration,repetition and.....
  4. 6. The Future Perfect in the past is formed by means of auxiliary verb ......... + have been + Participle I of the notional verb
  5. 7. A word or phrase that links words, clauses, or sentences
  6. 9. The Present Tense that is used to express actions generally characterizing the person denoted by the subject bringing out the person’s typical traits
  7. 11. The property of a noun or pronoun that indicates how it relates to other parts of a sentence
  8. 12. A word, phrase, clause that a pronoun can replace
  9. 13. verbs express speaker’s attitude
  10. 17. All the forms of the future continuous are …
  11. 20. Verbs that denote means of transportation or movement (verbs of..)
  12. 21. If Reporting speech and reported speech both are in Past tense. While converting to indirect speech, Reported speech will be converted to Past ..... Tense
  13. 22. verbs have complete meaning without anything else
  14. 23. The Simple ..... predicate – a single finite verb in all tenses
  15. 27. How many types of predicate are there?