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Greek & Latin Roots

  1. 4. marked by a great deal of sitting and very little exercise
  2. 6. to place, put
  3. 8. statement, thought, or action that is reasonable
  4. 11. to coordinate; to move people or things around for a purpose
  5. 13. to put money into account
  6. 15. grad, gress
  7. 16. separate introductory section of a literary work
  8. 18. a short section added to the end of a book
  9. 19. to stray from the main topic
  10. 23. a long speech made by one person
  11. 24. an official who evaluates and settles on a value of a property for tax purposes
  12. 26. the act or process of changing place or position
  13. 27. moved strongly by feelings
  14. 28. the quality or state of being able to move about freely
  15. 29. a self-propelled passenger vehicle that moves
  16. 30. capable of moving or being moved
  17. 31. to raise or move to a higher grade, rank, or job
  18. 32. celsius; temperature rating on the thermometer made up of 100 degree intervals or steps between the freezing and boiling points of water
  19. 35. to help someone calm down
  20. 37. a word or phrase placed next to another word in order to define or identify it
  21. 38. a gentle slope
  22. 39. violation of law or moral principle. Stepping across acceptable boundaries of behavior
  23. 40. kind words spoken about a person who has passed away
  1. 1. to reduce someone's worth or value
  2. 2. a list of items; a publication containing items for sale
  3. 3. act of disbanding armed forces
  4. 5. a word, name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy recognition
  5. 7. to place side by side for the purpose of comparing and contrasting
  6. 9. sed, sid, sess
  7. 10. to go back; to move backward; to move a step back
  8. 11. mob, mot, mov
  9. 12. something that is a burden to someone else; to put your needs above someone else's
  10. 14. a step by step sequence with a continuous series
  11. 17. the ability to move from place to place
  12. 20. to settle into a place
  13. 21. the solid material that settles to the bottom of a liquid
  14. 22. word, idea, reason, speech
  15. 25. to move down in grade, rank, or status
  16. 26. without motion
  17. 32. a getting together; a body of lawmakers
  18. 33. to put into a different order or place
  19. 34. to remove from office or power; to take out of place
  20. 36. words that draw comparisons and similarities