Gunn names to know!

  1. 4. Books galore!
  2. 5. Assistant principal, helps with Advanced Placement (A.P.) testing (last name)
  3. 7. Students will generally find him in the library or typing humorous Schoology messages (last name)
  4. 8. Where special events are held, usually claimed by seniors
  5. 10. your source for Gunn-related news
  6. 12. Miss a test? Go here to make it up. (abbr.)
  7. 14. A place to watch assemblies, theatre productions and more!
  8. 15. Gunn’s beloved mascot
  1. 1. A place to attend sports rallies, watch basketball games or just spend your Physical Education(P.E.)period in
  2. 2. a community of portable classrooms
  3. 3. a place to complete countless miles
  4. 5. home of the English and math classes
  5. 6. A place to destress, get mental health support and eat snacks
  6. 9. Go here if you have questions about school events (abbr.)
  7. 11. Assistant principal, often rides a scooter across campus (last name)
  8. 13. the principal (last name)
  9. 16. in charge of student activities (last name)