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Halloween Crossword Puzzle

  1. 3. A covering worn over someone's face as part of a Halloween costume
  2. 5. The human frame that is made of bones
  3. 9. Words spoken by children on Halloween going door to door
  4. 11. The season that comes after Summer
  5. 13. A verb that means "to scare"
  6. 14. What is cast by witches to bring good or bad luck
  7. 15. The month in which Halloween takes place
  8. 16. What is collected door to door by children on Halloween
  9. 17. What is carved from a pumpkin that most often features a mouth, nose, and eyes
  10. 18. A game played at Halloween parties without using one's hands
  1. 1. The word for a spirit that haunts people and places
  2. 2. A giant cooking pot used by witches when brewing spells
  3. 4. An outfit worn by people for fun on Halloween
  4. 6. A brush with a long, wooden handle used by witches
  5. 7. Someone, usually a woman, who is thought to have magical powers and wears a black hat
  6. 8. What people call a place that is visited by ghosts
  7. 10. A round, orange fruit carved on Halloween
  8. 12. A dead person who is wrapped in white bandages
  9. 14. A belief in the supernatural (example: if a black cat crosses your path, you will have bad luck)
  10. 18. The domesticated animal associated with Halloween