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Halloween History and Fun Facts

  1. 4. The movie Halloween (1978) used a ______________ mask painted white for the character Michael Myers.
  2. 5. Jack-O-Lanterns come from the ________ legend of Stingy Jack.
  3. 7. Dressing up in costumes was once a way to hide from _____________.
  4. 8. A precursor to trick-or-treating, this custom in medieval England involved young people wearing masks and costumes and asking for food and money in exchange for poems, songs, and other tricks
  5. 9. Before pumpkins, people carved ___________.
  6. 11. This celebration akes place 10/31-12/2 in Mexico and other Hispanic countries and honors loved ones who have died.
  7. 14. The Village Halloween parade in _______________ is the largest Halloween parade in the United States, drawing over 2 million spectators.
  8. 16. This is banned in Hollywood on Halloween.
  9. 17. What is Eloise Kramer dressing up as for Halloween this year?
  1. 1. Candy wasn’t given out to trick-or-treaters until this decade (the last box is an s and the first 4 are numbers)
  2. 2. Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of ________________.
  3. 3. This is the most popular chocolate halloween candy.
  4. 6. This is the word for the fear of Halloween.
  5. 10. This is the most popular non-chocolate halloween candy.
  6. 12. In what state is it illegal to dress up as a nun or priest for Halloween.
  7. 13. This was originally called Chicken Feed.
  8. 15. The most popular halloween costume is ___________.