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  1. 2. creepy, frightening
  2. 4. opposite of "day"
  3. 5. he appears at night to bite people’s necks and suck their blood
  4. 8. an animal like a large mouse with a long tail
  5. 9. sweets
  6. 12. witches use it for cooking
  7. 14. a small animal that flies at night and looks like a mouse with large wings
  8. 15. he is a human during the day but he becomes a wolf at night when there is a full moon
  9. 16. if it crosses your path, it will bring bad luck
  10. 17. a house which is visited by the spirit of a dead person
  11. 19. a net that a spider makes
  12. 21. a dead body wrapped in long white pieces of cloth
  1. 1. a scary creature that says "BOO"
  2. 2. a small creature with eight legs that usually weaves a web to catch insects
  3. 3. a large round vegetable with a thick orange
  4. 6. opposite of "alive"
  5. 7. witches use it for flying
  6. 10. farmers put it in their fields to frighten birds away
  7. 11. it is a place where dead people are buried, usually around a church
  8. 13. the inner structure of the body (a set of bones)
  9. 18. a loud high noise that you make because you very frightened
  10. 20. a large bird with a big head and eyes which makes a sound called "hooting"