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Hamlet/Heathrow Nights Crossword

  1. 2. Claudius puts this in the victory cup. (Easy)
  2. 4. Hamlet's most trusted friend and one of the last survivors. (Hard)
  3. 8. Russell's nick-name for Christopher. (Easy)
  4. 9. The author of 'Heathrow Nights'. (Medium)
  5. 10. The amount of money Xaviera gives to Russell. (easy)
  6. 11. Hamlet mistakes him for Claudius when behind the curtains. (Medium)
  7. 12. The type of flower Ophelia gives out after her father's death. (Very hard/legendary)
  8. 13. The sir-name of the author who wrote Hamlet. (Easy)
  9. 17. Adam's sister. (Medium)
  10. 18. Sarah's full name before her marriage to Christopher Hague. (Medium)
  11. 19. The university at which Hamlet was studying at. (Hard)
  12. 20. Hamlet's 'real' fathers name. (Hard)
  1. 1. The form of transport Adam, Curt and Russell traveled to London in. (Easy)
  2. 3. She drowned in a brook afetr her father died. (Hard)
  3. 5. The amount of time Adam, Curt and Russell planned to go to London for. (Easy)
  4. 6. The Danish Royal Castle where 'Hamlet' is set. (Medium)
  5. 7. He challenged Hamlet to a duel. (Easy)
  6. 14. The department from which Curt is caught for shoplifting. (Easy)
  7. 15. One of the two people who escort Hamlet to England (R...). (Easy)
  8. 16. The name of Russell's neighbor and how Russell regards her as. (Easy)