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  1. 2. Your ears do it.
  2. 3. You feel it when something hurts.
  3. 8. Not well.
  4. 10. If you have it, you will need a lot of tissues.
  5. 12. This person looks after people in a hospital.
  6. 13. You go to see this person when you have a toothache.
  7. 14. You do this a lot if you have a cold or if you are a smoker.
  8. 17. The time when you are going to see your doctor.
  9. 19. You get it when you touch something very hot.
  10. 22. You use it every day to clean your teeth.
  11. 24. You take it when you're ill to get better.
  12. 25. When you're not doing anything - just waiting to get your energy back.
  13. 26. Material you put on the wound or a cut to keep it clean.
  14. 28. Not well.
  15. 29. It happens when you fall over and a bone that was in one piece is now in two pieces.
  16. 31. People need eight hours of it every night to have energy during the day.
  1. 1. Your 'first contact' doctor.
  2. 2. When something is painful.
  3. 4. If you have it – you will get money if something bad happens to you.
  4. 5. Something bad and unexpected. For example a car crash.
  5. 6. A purple mark on you skin. You get it when you hit yourself.
  6. 7. You get it from your doctor and you take it to the pharmacy to get medicine.
  7. 9. Very high temperature
  8. 11. The car that takes people to hospital when they are very ill and need to get there very quickly.
  9. 15. You can do it with something sharp. If it happens, your skin is broken and you bleed.
  10. 16. When you feel this way, you need a rest.
  11. 18. They put it on your arm if it's broken.
  12. 20. You go there to see your doctor.
  13. 21. The place you go to get medicine.
  14. 23. People go there when they're very ill.
  15. 26. The red liquid inside of you.
  16. 27. The person you go to see when you're ill.
  17. 30. Not living.