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  1. 2. Carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke interferes with the ability of blood cell to carry
  2. 3. is finely cut or powdered tobacco that is inhaled or placed between the cheek and gum
  3. 5. a state in which increasingly larger amounts of a drug are requierd to achieve the same good feelings
  4. 9. They supply a lot of calories and very few nutrients
  5. 12. is any use of medication that does not follow the medications instructions
  6. 13. Helps the body release the energy from other nutrients
  7. 15. Occurs when people dont recieve the nutrients that they need from food
  8. 17. a substance that slows the central neverous system and causes chemical change in the brain
  9. 19. Inorganic elements that come from the earth and are absorbed by plants
  1. 1. Nutrient used by the body to build and maintain cells and tissuses
  2. 3. Type of nutrient that is a major source of energy
  3. 4. states that you must put a greater demand on your body to improve it
  4. 6. regulates hormone levels in the body
  5. 7. involes the intentional use of medications for purpose other than those intended by the prescribing doctor
  6. 8. Causd by people eating too many food that are high in calories
  7. 10. is a hormone regulates by the pineal gland that increases feelings of relaxation
  8. 11. unpleasant side effects that people may experience when they try to stop taking a drug
  9. 14. the ingeston of more of a drug then the body can successfully process, or break down
  10. 16. One of the first steps in recovery for all alcoholics is a drying out process known as
  11. 18. Nutrient largely made up of fatty acids