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  1. 3. Arteries carry blood ____ from the heart.
  2. 4. health combines all aspects of health, purposeful life
  3. 7. _____ carry blood to the heart
  4. 8. beliefs and patterns of behavior that are shared by a group.
  5. 9. overall satisfaction that a person gets from life.
  6. 11. taking action to avoid disease and injury.
  7. 17. number of years a person can expect to live
  8. 18. health how well you get along with others
  9. 19. is a behavior that is repeated so often it becomes automatic.
  10. 20. how many chambers in a heart?
  11. 21. all traits that are passed biologically from parent to child.
  1. 1. is the big artery coming directly from the heart and delivers blood to brain and body.
  2. 2. is the ability to gather, understand and use the health information to improve his or hers health.
  3. 5. well-being of your body, your mind and relationships with other people.
  4. 6. steps you take to achieve a goal
  5. 10. health mind is alert
  6. 11. health refers how well your body functions with everyday tasks
  7. 12. What does ECG / EKG stand for?
  8. 13. any action or condition that increases the likelihood of a negative outcome.
  9. 14. Red blood cells carry _______.
  10. 15. is the pacemaker for the heart
  11. 16. health how you react to event in your life(feelings)