1. 3. when you push yourself beyond your physical limits and results in pain/injuries
  2. 5. without oxygen
  3. 6. a unit of heat energy
  4. 7. how much energy it is taking for you to maintain life
  5. 11. involuntary muscle spasms that occur during exercise in hot environments
  6. 13. ability to rule out the presence of a disease in someone who does not have it
  7. 16. when your body loses heat faster than your body can make it, causing dangerously low body temperature
  8. 18. taking place with normal contraction of the muscle
  9. 22. body overheating
  10. 23. injury to the body tissues caused by exposure to extremely cold weather
  11. 24. twist/turn/tear ligaments in a joint that causes swelling and pain
  12. 25. tension is developed without contraction of the muscle (holding a weight)
  1. 1. the body’s ability to move
  2. 2. warm up, exercise, cool down
  3. 4. minimum/basic amount that you need
  4. 8. with oxygen
  5. 9. train in more than one element
  6. 10. keep consistent resistance through a range of motion
  7. 12. frequency intensity time
  8. 14. amount of force you can put out or the amount of weight you can lift
  9. 15. a principle that says that you have to increase your workout slowly to see improvements
  10. 17. cramps caused by dehydration and lack of muscle use
  11. 19. lifestyle involving little to no physical activity
  12. 20. process of growing into a more advanced state
  13. 21. excess tension on a muscle