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  1. 2. can’t be spread through contact, coughing, sneezing.
  2. 5. your body is the opposite of healthy
  3. 8. can be spread through contact, coughing, sneezing.
  4. 10. an illness that can affect almost all body parts, and has to get romoved as soon as posible
  5. 12. a powder that you eat or snort.
  6. 15. a drink that will slow down your whole body if you have too much.
  7. 17. a peice of paper filled with tabaco that you smoke.
  8. 20. small animal type things that infect a person or animal.
  1. 1. your body in a good state mentaly and physically
  2. 3. A now legal substance that you can smoke
  3. 4. a substance that you use in a cigarette and is addictive
  4. 6. a kind of vape that is called something else.
  5. 7. the small things that make up a cigarette
  6. 9. a germ that can be good or bad.
  7. 11. The current global pandemic
  8. 13. an electronic cigarette sometimes used without nicotine.
  9. 14. small virus that makes you cough and sniffle
  10. 16. an illness that most of the time lasts forever.
  11. 18. a variety of powders, pills, and liquid that can kill you or make you go insane.
  12. 19. an illness that you get but not for life.