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health 4th

  1. 6. a movement seeking to protect and inform consumers by requiring practices
  2. 9. is a communication through a medium in which products and services are identified and the message is controlled.
  3. 13. used for fever and pain reliever for children, overdosage can cause liver pain
  4. 15. medical specialist for cancer and tumors
  1. 1. destroys flora in the intestinal tract if frequently used.
  2. 2. medical specialist that treats diseases by surgery
  3. 3. medical specialist for mental illnesses
  4. 4. a scalp problem form dead skin cells
  5. 5. a pain reliever that can harm stomach lining
  6. 7. medical specialist that study of tissues and essential nature of disease
  7. 8. It’s the use of worthless approaches that often promise miraculous results.
  8. 10. medical specialist for coronary artery disease, heart disease
  9. 11. medical specialist for skin conditions
  10. 12. cosmetic products that help the dry skin
  11. 14. medical specialist for the nervous system