1. 2. An injury caused by an impact that damages soft tissues and underlying blood vessels.
  2. 6. Device that stops all blood flow to a limb.
  3. 8. :Drugs or medicines that are used to treat or prevent bacterial infections.
  4. 9. A condition where in the body is not getting enough blood flow
  5. 12. :the medical term which means relating to the heart.
  6. 13. rate blood pressure and cause blood vessels to constrict and strengthen in response to stress.
  7. 15. A hormone that increases the heart rate,
  8. 16. A medication that is applied to the skin
  9. 18. :It is the inability to breathe because the trachea is blocked
  10. 20. A blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart to all parts of the body
  11. 21. A medical term that refers to the chest pain or discomfort that is caused by reduced blood flow to the heart.
  12. 23. A medical term for deep cut or tears in the flesh or skin.
  13. 24. points Place on the body where blood flow can be stopped by applying direct pressure to a major artery.
  14. 25. :It occurs when there’s a little amount of oxygen supply to the brain
  15. 27. :A medical term referring to or relating to the heart and the lungs.
  16. 28. An injury
  1. 1. A wound or injury that has a small entry, which is in contrast to an open cut.
  2. 3. Bleeding Condition that occurs when there is a sudden need for immediate action.
  3. 4. :A device that uses electrical shocks to restore normal heartbeat and correct abnormal heart rhythm.
  4. 5. Cuts or laceration is a wound caused by a tear or a deep cut in the flesh or skin.
  5. 6. A bacterial disease that is characterized by spasm of voluntary muscles
  6. 7. A surgical wound
  7. 10. :Soft tissue injury a tearing away of a section of kin or other soft tissue from the deeper layers causing severe bleedings
  8. 11. Tactile arterial palpitation of the heartbeat.
  9. 14. The process of which air is inhaled through the mouth or nose, and then air is expelled from the lungs due to muscle contraction and relaxation
  10. 15. :A medical term used to refer to the damage to the skin through to scraping or wearing away.
  11. 17. The medical term for bruise.
  12. 19. attack :Occurs when the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to the heart is blocked often due to fat build-up
  13. 22. Another term for bleeding.
  14. 26. The respiratory tract where air passes in and out of the lungs The nose and the mouth are the normal entry and exit ports of the airway.
  15. 27. Pain :A feeling of tightness, heavy pressure, or crushing pain around the chest area between the neck and upper abdomen.