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  1. 3. Walls of the arteries getting bigger and thicker
  2. 5. Something that causes an allergic reaction
  3. 6. Most common form of arthritis
  4. 8. Return of symptoms or a-disease after a remission
  5. 9. A surgery to open blocked arteries caused by artery disease
  6. 10. A treatment using drugs with powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in your body
  7. 11. A group of diseases with abnormal cell growth and a chance to spread to the rest of your body
  8. 16. A noncancerous tumor, condition, or growth
  9. 17. When a part of the heart muscles does not receive enough blood
  10. 20. The reduction or disappearance of symptoms of a disease
  11. 23. A surgery to remove tissue or cells from the body
  12. 24. is A condition in which your airways get smaller making it harder to breathe
  13. 25. Disease where the affected tissue or organ gets worse over time
  14. 27. Condition having an impact on the way the body processes blood sugar
  15. 32. Determine the increased risk of a disease
  16. 33. Illness for a long time or recurring
  17. 34. an agent with the capacity to cause cancer in humans
  18. 35. Can not be spread from person to person
  19. 36. When the pancreas produces little to no insulin
  1. 1. A chemical found in some of the body's cells
  2. 2. A Term used to describe cancer
  3. 4. A trait given biologically at birth by both parents
  4. 7. A form of arthritis that causes stiffness, pain, swelling, and causes you to lose function
  5. 9. A drug that has the physiological effects of histamine
  6. 12. Disease that last 3 months or more and gets worse
  7. 13. A device that widens the lungs and makes it easier to breathe
  8. 14. Red itchy welts from a skin reaction
  9. 15. A disease that affects the arteries leading to and inside the heart
  10. 18. A response the body has to a specific substance
  11. 19. A long-lasting disease that affects how your body turns food into energy
  12. 21. High blood pressure
  13. 22. A cancer treatment using high levels of radiation to kill off cells and tumors
  14. 26. Swelling on a part of your body from the growth of tissue
  15. 28. is A disease when your arteries have fatty material on the inner walls
  16. 29. Swelling or tenderness of joints
  17. 30. A Disorder given at birth
  18. 31. Controls the amount of glucose in your bloodstream