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Health Capstone By Alexis

  1. 5. Care Provider, trained license official that provides services
  2. 6. quality of life that results from a person’s health
  3. 7. Behavior Contract, written plan that he or she agrees to develop a habit
  4. 8. Social Health, condition with a person’s relationships with family members
  5. 11. Behaviors, behaviors that promote health
  6. 12. Product, something made to maintain or restore health
  7. 13. an adverse judgement formed without looking at the facts
  8. 15. Care Facility, place where people receive care
  9. 17. paid announcement about a product or service
  10. 19. Health Record, documentation of a person’s health and etc.
  11. 22. professional Group, monitor the training and ethic of health professionals
  12. 24. the beliefs and customs that make up the way of life for a group of people
  13. 25. shows how family members are related and can be used to track genetic diseases
  14. 26. quality of life
  15. 28. various forms of communication
  16. 29. an ad on TV or the radio
  17. 31. Health Resources, agencies that oversee the health of the nation
  18. 33. Concept, general idea formed from a general understanding
  19. 34. Knowledge, understanding about health
  20. 35. Advocate Group, educates the public about a specific health condition
  21. 36. Event, incident over which a person has little or no control
  22. 38. chance with unknown outcome
  1. 1. is a person who provides a service without pay
  2. 2. Behaviors, behaviors that threaten health
  3. 3. Expectancy, years that people are expected to live
  4. 4. process in which an outside person helps people in a conflict reach a solution
  5. 5. Literate person, person who demonstrates the skills of effective communication and etc.
  6. 7. Behavior Inventory, a tool that helps a person decide how well he or she is at practicing healthful behaviors
  7. 9. statement that blames or shames the other person
  8. 10. express your thoughts or feelings in a message
  9. 14. a serious situation that occurs without warning
  10. 16. fixed behaviors that you use automatically
  11. 18. Health, condition of a person’s mind
  12. 20. high-tech equipment to communicate information
  13. 21. Literacy, being able to recognize and evaluate the influence of messages on media
  14. 23. Pressure, influence people of the similar age place on you or others
  15. 27. Status, sum of positive and negative influences on a person’s health
  16. 30. way you act or choose to act
  17. 32. Service, is the work performed by a health care provider
  18. 37. Decision, is a choice that can lead to actions that harm health